The T.Bridge is the TASSTA’s bridge to PMR networks

What is T.Bridge?

T.Bridge is a professional middleware solution to integrate TASSTA with any professional mobile radio network. T.Bridge helps businesses overcome the challenges of integration by enriching PMR systems with TASSTA features. The T.Bridge middleware securely connects the enterprise. It’s easy to use and easy to scale. T.Bridge is designed to integrate TASSTA with a PMR radio network for voice (group and individual calls) and message communication. Furthermore, it is used as a supplementary part of the T.Rodon command and control center solution.

TASSTA’s T.Bridge is also available as a multichannel bridge, connecting 4 channels and expandable to 8 and more channels.

T.Bridge Features


T.Bridge improves the flexibility of your network. You can connect two incompatible PMR systems (for example, TETRA and MOTOTRBO). In addition, TASSTA can even connect users who are working outside your radio coverage and in that way increase your range. Users connected by TASSTA have freedom in choosing their own device – smartphone, tablet or desktop – because iOS, Android and Windows are all supported operating systems.


T.Bridge is a universal solution that connects PMR networks with each other through an API and makes the PMR networks compatible with TASSTA. T.Bridge implements the concept of ensuring vendor independence for users.


There are no limits on expanding an existing PMR solution. With T.Bridge, you can connect another PMR network to an existing one or integrate a TASSTA network. Add other resources to expand your system as necessary – anytime and everywhere.

Data Security

TASSTA network security is a more comprehensive solution than just asking for username and password. The T.Lion server provides the ability to selectively manage access to a variety of TASSTA services and features, and administer the rights of each user and group.

T.Bridge Connections